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Interview Prep
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Interview Preparation Because You Want The Position

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  Sure you want the additional money, responsibility and challenge that the new position offers. Most of all you want the future it offers, one that excites you, one that you donít have now.

There is a reason why Winners Prepare

Preparation makes a difference. You highlight the right skills in a compelling manner. Tough questions donít catch you off guard. Answers are polished and on target. Confidence shows through and assures the interviewer.

Our financial professionals will help you get ready to win.

Live interview preparation is designed to be like a real interview.  It will help you polish your answers and get prepared for the real interview.   It involves spending 45 minutes with a financial professional as they interview you and provide feedback.  Given your background and the position you are trying to obtain it is easy for our financial professionals to identify the major issues to cover.  Will we cover every question you will be asked? No, but we will cover many of them.  Enough to give you an edge over the competition.

Here is how the process works.

bulletYou email us your resume.
bulletProvide us with any information you have on the job. (Title, duties, company size and industry.  The more information you provide the more specific we can be in our questioning.)  If you do not have a specific interview in mind provide us with the types of positions and companies for which you think you will be interviewing.
bulletSpecify desired format.  We can do the interview and then provide feedback or provide feedback after each interview question - your choice.
bulletProvide us with dates and times that you can spend 45 minutes uninterrupted on the telephone.
bulletWe will select and schedule one of those interview times.

The interview will focus on your background and the hurdles you must overcome to convince the interviewer you are the best candidate for the job.  When you finish you will have a good idea of what you need to do for success in the real interview.

With an investment of only $75 our financial professionals will have you ready to win.  To order purchase Live Interview Preparation online and then email us the information mentioned above using this email address.



Accountants Select guarantees your satisfaction.

We constantly strive to identify and create valuable services and products.  But you are always the final judge.  If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase contact us within one month for a 100% refund.



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