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Increase Your Odds of Advancement

Enjoy Work


If you knew what I know you could enjoy work and have great odds of advancing. The course Advancement Strategies for Financial Professionals offers you the opportunity to know what I know.

Why was Advancement Strategies for Financial Professionals created? After over a decade working with financial professionals on their careers I noticed differences between the career winners and those that came up short. I had observed mistakes that were disturbingly common. I was aware of strategies to increase the odds and speed of advancement. I knew a few well-selected activities could have tremendous impact on a career. The course was created to pass this knowledge on to you. If I had only one chance to improve your career it is the contents of this course that I would want you to understand.

Advancement Strategies for Financial Professionals creates a framework for decision making to be utilized your entire career. Referring back to the course and your notes when facing career choices will lead to quality decisions. These quality decisions will build a happy and successful career.

The course is priced at the cost of one hour of coaching but passes on a decade worth of career knowledge. Save us a trip to the printer and post office by ordering the PDF file version and you will save $20.

Your investment of $119 is guaranteed. If in the first full month you do not see the value you can receive a full refund ?no questions asked. If you can not see the value than I am not the teacher for you. I donít want your money if I canít help you. Take the refund and use it on a teacher or coach who can help you reach your potential. Although Accountants Select is uniquely qualified to help with your financial career the partnership only works when you connect with the ideas we offer.

Order for $119 Paper Version or $99 PDF Version

(Your choice - receive the course by email in the form of an Adobe PDF file or have a bound version mailed to you.  Course is 151 pages in length.)

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Tomorrow will be no different from today unless you take the right actions.


Consider our Career Planning Package it is a tremendous value!



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