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To Build an Effective Career You Must Understand Yourself


There are parts of you that are easy to understand. For example the skills you have developed and the knowledge you have gained is easy to identify. You either know how to prepare a 10K or you donít. Two areas that are not always easy to understand are your behavioral tendencies and motivators. These areas greatly impact how you approach the world and what makes you happy. At Accountants Select we utilize assessments to help understand this crucial part of you.

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     Behaviors and Attitudes Assessment    

Let me start by discussing behavioral tendencies and how they affect you. Everyone approaches work or a given task differently. Some people have a tremendous sense of urgency others do not. Some of us act while others think before acting. Some people need to be around others while others are loners. Some people have a slow steady pace while others are quickly stopping and starting. Some people focus on the details while others focus on the big picture. Some people follow all rules while others have limited compliance. As you think about it, you can see there can be tremendous differences between people.

Certain behavioral tendencies are helpful to succeed in certain positions. For example, an SEC document must meet certain rules and standards. If an individual views rules as negotiable or not applying to them they would be a poor fit for a SEC reporting position.

As you think about the differences between people there is a tendency to think certain approaches are better than others are. You may personally believe that an individual can be too detail oriented. But I'm sure when you're flying in an airplane you hope the manufacturer was very detail oriented. When thinking about how fast or slow someone works we can all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.

The behavioral assessment helps you understand your preferred methods of approaching work and highlights your value to the organization. If you understand it you can position your career in a way that fits your natural style.

The interests and attitudes assessment deals with your motivators. It provides insight into why certain things excite you. It is always given with the behavioral assessment because it provides vital additional information in determining which work environments will be fulfilling for you.

We do not all take action for the same reason. Some people tackle a project because it intrigues them and they want to understand it. Others do it because they will get a return (promotion or bonus) for the time they spend. Some want the recognition they will receive. Others start because they believe it will be fun to do. Some people will start because they know the project will benefit others.

As with behaviors certain attitudes mesh better with certain environments. For example, the individual who wants to help society will find a nonprofit organization with a cause they support to be an ideal fit.

The insight you gain from these assessments can be combined with your own knowledge to form an accurate picture of your unique talents. This will enable you to position your career in a manner that affords a high probability of happiness and success.

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